♔ Earl Ciel Phantomhive (littlestmaster) wrote in rivalsthesun,
♔ Earl Ciel Phantomhive

[Private] A Trip to Rapture

[Splash. As soon as the water hit his skin, the boy began struggling, flailing, trying to find the surface.  He couldn't see much of anything, as it was very dark, and most likely in the middle of the night.  He couldn't think clearly enough to figure out what was going on, only processing thoughts related to getting the hell out of the water.

When air finally reached his lungs, the thirteen year-old gasped, kicking to keep his head out in the air.  Panting, he looked around at his surroundings... and they were, essentially, miles of ocean.

Ciel Phantomhive was not very happy about this development.  He spotted a tiny island with some kind of tower not too far off and began moving toward it, thinking of hypothermia and sea creatures and the like.  Maybe, maybe someone would be on that little bit of land.  Otherwise, he always had his trump card.

When he finally reached the shore, Ciel pulled himself onto land with a struggle.  Shivering and with difficulty drawing breath, he lied back for  a moment, staring up at the sky.  There were a few clouds, a few stars, and a half-moon.  Where in the world...?]

S... Sebastian?
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