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Application for somarium.

[Player name] Kai
[Age] 18
[Personal Journal] anewrevelation
[Other characters currently played] Ange Ushiromiya / Umineko no Naku Koro ni / discardedpiece
Kairi / Kingdom Hearts / royalseashells

[Character name] Princess Zelda
[Age] (Around) 18
[Canon] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[Point in time taken from canon] After she returns Link home at the end of the game.

[Background] Link, he come to town!
He come to save the princess Zelda!

[Personality] Zelda is, first and foremost, wise. As the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom, she possesses wisdom and judgment beyond her years. Whether it be which course of action to take, or how to rule a kingdom, Zelda's divine knowledge never fails her, and those she imparts it to. She admits to acting foolishly as a child, having believed and she and Link together could stop Ganondorf, but makes up for it a hundred-fold as she aids the hero throughout his quest as Sheik. In this way, she successfully keeps herself away from Ganondrof's grasp, while at the same time giving Link direction and guidance throughout the game.

The Princess' kindness, compassion, and heart are some of her other prominent traits. She wants nothing more than the best for her kingdom, and works tirelessly to bring about peace and happiness to the people of Hyrule. Zelda takes the position of the matriarch of Hyrule, ruling the land as a figure of inspiration and hope for all of her people. She is understanding and quick to forgive, though Ganondorf, of course, is far beyond the point of forgiveness. Zelda is not just devoted to her people; she is devoted to them entirely. She acts selflessly, willing to do much of anything for others, if for their benefit. Though she is young, it is obvious that she has much concern for others, with a strong drive to care for them and to better their lives.

She is royalty, of course. Zelda acts gracefully when dealing with others, and is most always willing to hear the other side of the story. She acts well as a mediator, with a sort of eternal patience, and though she would prefer there be no conflict, she handles it well and works to resolve whatever situations may arise. She is no doormat, however; this Princess will fight for what she believes in, and what she believes is right, despite any unfortunate-seeming circumstances. She is determined, resolved, and strong-willed, standing up in the face of danger if necessary.

All the same, Zelda is a bright, curious, lively young woman. She enjoys books and learning, though she is far from a home-bound Princess. She loves to travel, to meet new people, and to try new experiences. There is a sense of adventure instilled in this young woman, and she will gladly try something she has never attempted before, or listen to stories from peculiar visitors. As mature and adult-like as this leader is, she possesses a bit of a youth's spirit, balancing out her personality all the more.

[Abilities] Zelda possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, a fragment of the three-pronged relic of the goddesses. Because of this, she is capable of many magical feats, aside from her great wisdom.

  • One of these abilities is that of a healer, a skill only compounded on by her studies in these particular arts. Her magic can work to help others' physical damages and to soothe them, though this process may wear out the Princess herself.

  • Another gift is her ability to experience prophetic dreams, as exhibited when a younger Zelda tells Link of her vision involving the boy from the forest, Ganondorf, and the fate of Hyrule. Though these dreams may not always be clear, the Princess has a knack for interpreting them, and discerning what must be done next.

  • Zelda can create and destroy barriers, as seen throughout Ocarina of Time. As she and Link are escaping the collapsing tower, she uses magic to tear down the barriers Ganondorf set in place to stop her escape. Also, at the conclusion, she holds the beast Ganon down with her powers to allow Link to take the final stab at their enemy. She can also make smaller shield-type creations to defend herself and others.

  • She can manipulate a few specific spells: Din's Fire is a small to large-scale fire attack that can damage, or keep away, her enemies, Nayru's Love is a blue crystal-type defensive spell that protects her from harm, and Farore's Wind allows the Princess to teleport from one place to another.

  • The Princess has a few physical abilities as well; she can wield a bow as well as any archer, and is also a decent horseman.

  • As her alter ego, Sheik, she has much more physical prowess. Sheik can disappear in a puff of smoke at will, if necessary. Sheik also carries throwing-needles with with to damage enemies, and moves swiftly enough to land accurate hits with them.

  • Finally, Zelda is a musician. She can play both the ocarina and the harp skillfully (the latter seen with Sheik, primarily.)

[Other important stuff] Her titles include the Princess of Hyrule, the "Princess of Destiny," the "Keeper of (the Triforce of) Wisdom," "The Seventh (Final) Sage," and the "Leader of the Sages." Her alter ego is Sheik, a Sheikah boy.

[Sample post]
[First Person]

- What do you think of your home world?
Hyrule is a beautiful place. I could not ask anything more in a home. The people there are so full of life and vigor... though there are day-to-day struggles, they are a strong people in that they work together to pull through. I am blessed to count myself as one of them.

- If you could go back home, would you? Why or why not?
I... feel that I would. Though there are many people to help here, and I would feel guilt at having to leave them behind, I believe that they have the courage to carry on, no matter what may be thrown at them. I must return to Hyrule, as it is there that my duties have been assigned to me. That is my true home, and I must do everything I can to protect and support it.

- What were you doing before now?
The Hero had just defeated Ganondorf, and we Sages managed to seal him away... I sent Link back to his original time with the Ocarina. This is how it must be, sad though I am to see my dear friend depart. We have done our part, and now that the Evil King is gone, Hyrule is free of his reign. There is much to do, even though we may now revel in peace once more.

- Someone comes to you to ask for the time. How would you respond?
I suppose I would give it to them, if I could. If not, I would assist them in determining exactly what time it was. Perhaps the sun's location could help us.

- Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain? Why? Neither is an option as well, but still tell why.
I do not consider myself a villain by any standard, but... neither do I label myself as a hero. I have known a true hero, and many braver than I. They inspire me to act with courage, true, but there is much more to heroism than any of the things I have done in my lifetime.

- Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
War is a terrible thing. Too often are countries torn apart and destroyed by the flames of it. I would do anything and everything in my power to stop the conflict. If, Goddesses forbid, it were unstoppable, I would strive to protect and save the people of Hyrule at any cost.

[Third Person]

She had only been in Somarium for a short while, but it reminded the Princess so much of Hyrule. Sitting by the lake, gazing across the water, Zelda felt at peace. Even though she worried almost constantly about returning home, where her beloved people were, this new world made her feel... almost as if she were there. The young woman lifted her chin to the sky, watching the clouds as if searching them for answers. Would she ever return to Hyrule? What if something happened in her absence?

No, she reasoned, slowly closing her eyes. There were many others to watch over the land. And the people themselves were self-sufficient and very able to take care of themselves. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth; she was treating them as children again. It was a habit she was trying to break, though she was finding it exceedingly difficult to do so.

"Until that time when I am sent home, I will do what I can for those who live here," she said to herself, opening her eyes again. The water before her sparkled in the midday sunlight. It looked something akin to Lake Hylia. Yes... in a place just like Hyrule, she would assume the same role. She would assist those who lived in Somarium, to the best of her ability. Perhaps this was the new duty given to her by the Goddesses.

"So a new adventure begins," she mused softly, and got to her feet.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I think the concept of a dream world would work very well with Zelda, who has much experience with dreams. She could provide wisdom and guidance to all of the crazy confused and lost people there as well.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Be nice to other players. Because, really? It's a game, and we all want to have fun. Why not be nice to everyone?
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] Myself...?
[Any questions?] Nope!
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